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Applecrest's Growing Practices

Applecrest Farm Orchards is a family owned and operated farm. Four generations of the Wagner family have worked this land, dedicated to a simple mission of sustainably growing the finest fruit and vegetables available.

As farmers, we recognize that The Earth is a living system and that the soil we farm is the basis of all human life. As stewards, we understand that the quality of our soils’ care and health affects not only the people who eat our food today, but also those who will depend on our soil and our food in the future.

Because healthy soil means healthy food, we farmers bear the burden of practicing responsible and sustainable growing practices. Here at Applecrest, every possible measure is taken to ensure the health of our living system. A combination of old-school farming techniques and cutting-edge technology are employed to help us accomplish these aims.

Cover crops are planted to prevent soil erosion and keep it nutrient rich while composted manure from neighboring farms increases soil fertility and suppresses need for artificial fertilizers. By selecting certain heirloom varieties we help sustain the seed bank and, in doing so, promote biodiversity. Weeding by hand helps us reduce use of herbicides that lead to groundwater contamination. Our strategic crop rotation and companion plantings (which are timed to natural rhythms) also help in our struggle against pest pressure without the need for chemical inputs. Efforts towards on farm efficiency and utilization of energy saving technologies minimize our consumption of fossil fuels and lessen the resultant emissions which dirty the air and contribute to global warming. And over thirty years ago, Applecrest became one of the first farms in NH to adopt the ecologically sound practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Since then, we’ve remained pioneers in employing natural predators and parasites, pest-resistant cultivars and various other techniques to significantly reduce the requisite amount of non-organic materials to produce hearty and healthy crops for the local community.

With the above and myriad other ways, Applecrest maintains the strongest commitment to maintaining a healthy, viable, and sustainable farm for generations to come.

Applecrest Farm | 133 Exeter Road (Rt.88) | Hampton Falls, NH 03844 | Phone 603.926.3721 | info@applecrest.com