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What’s in this Week’s Share

Third week of CSA!

We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer weather and all of their farm fresh goodies so far.  Strawberry Festival went off without a hitch this past Sunday and was a big hit in the community!

We’ve had some inquiries about the timing of our newsletter and while we’d love to give everyone a week’s notice of ‘what’s in this weeks share’, a few days for us farmers is like an eternity, with many variables effecting our harvest.  With that said, we understand that planning for the week’s grocery list is important to you and we are going to try our very best to send our newsletter 48hours before the scheduled pick-up day.

In response to the few that thought they missed out on a particular item at pick-up, we assure you that we take great care to keep track of what is, and isn’t, in your shares on any given day or week.  Based on the quantities and composition of members, the half or full shares contents may vary due to conditions and availability in the field.   Each week we specify which items will be included in the Full and half shares; this notification takes place in the newsletter, on the chalkboard at pick-up, and, to boot, at pick-up site we also discuss in person with you ‘what’s in the share’.  Please rest assured if a particular crop is not represented in your share size and type, it is fully intentional and no mistake; we’re on it folks!


What’s in this week’s share?


English Peas (full share only)

Red Russian Kale & Bright Lights Swiss Chard (half share only)


Salad Mix

Crunchy Royale Radishes

Head Lettuce: varieties may include green & red Bibb, green & red Leaf, green & red Oak, green & red Romaine




See you at the farm!

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