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FarmShare CSA, week of August 22nd

Week of August 22nd, Week 10 of CSA

We are now at the halfway point of the CSA season! 

Looking for cooking ideas??  Here’s the BEST CORN RECIPE from Oma Wagner…

Oma Wagner’s Corn Dish

If you have leftover corn and a have love for bacon, you’ve got a thing or two in common with the Wagner’s!

This dish is all about personal preference and can be served alongside dinner, or alone, or with your once-over-easy eggs for breakfast.


3-6 leftover ears of corn, boiled 3-5 minutes

3-6 slices of bacon


  1. Boil corn 3-5 minutes so still crunchy
  2. Set aside to cool
  3. Cook bacon in large frying pan until crisp, one strip of bacon per ear of corn
  4. While frying bacon, slice corn kernels off the cob
  5. Once bacon done, remove from pan and drain drippings into jar, leaving enough in pan to sauté corn.
  6. Add corn to frying pan and sauté on low to medium heat
  7. Add crumbled bacon before corn turns brown and continue to sauté until corn is cooked to personal preference. Some of us like it crispy, some of us like it right before crispy. Taste as you go along until perfect!


What’s in this week’s share?



Summer Squash and/or Zucchini

Salad Mix *full share only

Green Beans and/or Purple and/or Wax *half share only


Head Lettuce * half share only

Cantaloupe * full share only

Cherry Tomatoes


Swiss Chard




Early Apples!!

See you on the farm or on the road!


The FarmShare Team

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