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First CSA pickup date delayed one week…



Howdy Applecrest CSA’ers,

Greetings from the farm! As the rainclouds continue to hover and the sun refuses to shine, our early spring crops are certainly taking their sweet time coming up. As you know, the first pickup dates are scheduled for Tuesday June 7, and Saturday the 11th, however; with the way the weather’s been, it’s starting to look like we’d be better served pushing back a week to Tuesday the 14th, and Saturday the 18th.. Farmer Todd wants to ensure a hearty helping of beautiful, fresh and delicious strawberries ready for your very first pickup, and depending on the weather over the next two weeks, that just may not be possible by the 7th . As a silver lining, this is an opportunity for y’all to appreciate the subtle pleasures of living and eating in harmony with the land as it’s affected by the unpredictability of the sun and rain. In any event, we will keep you posted as we get a more definite sense of when we’ll be ready to harvest and fill up those share boxes of yours. Thanks for the patience and support and, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions at


The FarmShare Team
Applecrest Farm Orchards
133 Exeter Road, Hampton Falls NH 03844

Tel: +1 603 926 3721

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  • Patricia Williams says:

    For those of us with a combination in our share package, is the entire thing (the meat, the bread and such) all delayed? We received an email from Hurd that the meat share will be available beginning on the 14th anyway, so that’s no problem. Just don’t want to not pick up and there be goodies in my basket.
    Please let me know how the combo shares work. We have The Localvore share. Also, does that still work out to 20 distributions? Just a few questions for ya while you wait for those delicious crops to come in.
    Thanks, Tricia Williams

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