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2014 FarmShare C.S.A. signups now open!

We just wanted to let you know that our 2014 FarmShare, CSA program is up and running,  earlier than ever before! Suffice it to say, we’re wicked excited about the season ahead. We’re putting in our seed order asap, and in the meantime we’re gonna try to keep all of the snow out of our greenhouses.

If you’re new to the whole CSA concept, in a nutshell, it means we become your  family farmer.  Each and every week of the growing season you get a weekly “share” – a beautiful crate of super fresh, handpicked grown-on-the-farm produce.  We’ve got an incredible lineup with a ton of choices, including our own fruits, veggies, flowers, herbs and handmade ice cream.  To round out the table, we’ve teamed up with some amazing local farmers to offer our members exclusive access to a host of meats, bread, egg and dairy – all tended and harvested “just around the corner.” Eating healthy and local has truly never been easier.

Check out our C.S.A. section for ALL the details you need to make a decision about hopping aboard. And if it’s a “go,” the online sign-up wizard makes joining our FarmShare family a snap.

What if you’re one of our far-away fans and you’re not around during the summer? Maybe you have family and friends nearby who would benefit from fresh, local veggies? Perhaps you haven’t gotten them a present for the holidays yet? Applecrest FarmShare CSA is the perfect promise of health and well-being for the new year.

To sweeten this holiday deal we’re giving you super early bird sign up folks the coupon code HOE HOE HOE to receive one whole week free! Make sure to enter the coupon code within the online checkout process to redeem your discount.

Happy Holidays and thank you again for your continued support of Applecrest!


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  • Susan Caspeer says:

    I was wondering how to sign up for the CSA for next year as this year is coming to close (boo).

    Thank you,
    Susan Casper

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